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There's a Sylvan Learning Center ad on Neopets:

Is it time for a tutor?

(an animated checklist checks itself off slowly:)

I want my child to feel more confident about school.
My child's report card could be better.
My child has struggled with homework.

I clicked to see their special offers, but they won't give fees, just
collect information in exchange for a printable certificate.

The specials include $100 off a Sylvan program
$25 off Sylvan Skills Assessment

So... Assuming they're not offering more than 1/3 off, that's some pretty
expensive assistance.

When Holly was five and we were hosting a weekly unschooling get-together a
family came by. The dad was into unschooling. The mom was half owner of a
new Sylvan center (which she had added onto a kids' gymnasium she had bought).
The family ended up separated and then divorced, but the kids (two little
girls) liked Holly so she was in on the whole unfolding, visiting at various
apartments and houses for six or seven years after, and was invited to the
mom's remarriage wedding etc.

Turns out the mom's interest in coming to our group was the hope of
recruiting people for her Sylvan center. A couple of times when Holly was with her,
she "let Holly have a lesson." She really had zero confidence in humans and
a lot of love for her potential business.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the school culture that makes parents put time and
energy into afterschool tutoring and pressure, when they could have done better
to have spent that time and money taking kids on overnight trips to the next
state, or just BEING with them in relaxed and happy ways. Poor kids and poor

And I'm reminded to be grateful for my own life in which the list of
questions about confidence, report cards and struggle are not applicable. Kirby
struggled some with his math class the first couple of weeks, but he chose to be
in it and it was tuition-free. We paid for the books. He kept asking
questions in class and asked a few different people to explain this or that their
way, so he had more than one perspective. Kids at school are pretty much
trained away from doing that, and it's sad. So they pay "professionals" to try
a different outside insertion method.

Hooray, we don't need it!


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Dawn Adams

> There's a Sylvan Learning Center ad on Neopets:

The ads on TV have been bugging me for a long time. They're really not about
the kids in the ads at all. They're all about that good feeling, the fix,
the mom gets when she sees her kids report card or other 'improvements'. The
kid really isn't important except in how he/she makes her parent feel.

Daw (in NS)

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