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On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 10:13:42 -0800 Elizabeth Hill
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> When I am *following* his lead, and going with interests that I know
> he
> has (e.g. Garfield books), then I'd probably buy it. But, to me,
> that
> fits in the category of waiting until he has an interest and then
> supporting it.

A lot of the stuff I get for Rain is sort of connected to something she
likes, but different. I got her Heathcliff books when she was interested
in Garfield, and TinTin when she was interested in Asterix (or maybe the
other way around), and sometimes they catch and sometimes they don't...

Does he read any manga, or has he seen any? It's also sort of along the
lines of a comic book, but different...

We are financially very limited, but Borders will let you sit there and
read for hours, without buying anything... we do usually buy coffee,
which is cheaper than a book. They have a better selction than our
library, anyway. You can also buy books on ebay and half if you find
anything interesting... or put out a call to your local group or friends,
most of the homeschoolers we knows have thousands of books and we borrow
(and lend) a lot.

> Since we aren't in stores often, because he dislikes shopping, it's
> not
> hat common for us to even see cool new stuff.

How about online shopping? Then you can just show him the screen. Ebay is
truly awesome, and then if something isn't a hit you can turn around and
sell it again, and not be out much at all.

> I've been thinking about going to the theater, but am often
> discouraged
> by the ticket prices. (even if only multiplied by three people)

Usher! It's a great way to see shows for free! I know the Davis Musical
Theatre Company is always looking for ushers, and they have no minimum
age limit for ushers, as long as you can. They're doing Annie in the
adult theatre and the kids are doing Beauty and the Beast (which, in the
interest of full discolsure, Rain is in). Beauty might be more appealing
- it's funnier, and there's some swordfighting choreographed by a local
fencing instructor, and both leads are older teens and just awesome

> We don't talk much. He doesn't seem interested in
> talking
> to me. Even in the car

How about putting on NPR in the car and making occasional comments... I
do that naturally, but Rain generally either challenges me or asks a
question agrees... it's sort of like getting a conversation going without
his needing to be involved, but then maybe he'd jump in.

And what are you into now, what are your interests? Is he seeing you
getting excited about new things, learning, growing? I firmly believe
that "children need interesting mothers" (as Ariel Gore put it) and I
think my getting excited about things that interest me is more important
to Rain than anything I buy for her. She sees me eagerly perusing the
latest knitty.com, and jumping on stage when an actress has to leave
rehearsal early (so fun!), and mastering online scrabble...

Actually, she's watching a video of Pippin that she's watched dozens of
times, and she just paused it and rewound, and pointed out that Pippin's
"mail" shirt is really knitted, on big needles... which she knows because
I took up kniting, and then she decided to learned, too..

Anyway, if you are depressed, I think getting that treated is the most
important step you can take for your son's unschooling... and for your
own happiness, too.