Joni Zander

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> sandrewmama@... writes:
> She is seven and three months old. At what point, if ever, should I
> be
> concerned enough about her speech to seek professional help? I've
> talked to
> her before about her R's. She knows that she cannot speak the true R
> sound
> and I've had her focus on how I say a word with R in it so that she
> recognizes that the word is spelled with an R not a W. I certainly
> don't
> want to do anything to discourage her from writing and she doesn't
> care very
> much that her invented spelling is difficult for some to read.

My now 8.5 year old has had pronunciation problems, mostly with R's.
Other than my older daughter and other kids correcting her
occasionally, we left her alone. I had wondered a couple of times
(while listening to other moms talk about the speech therapy they were
getting for their kid, or asking me if I had looked into "fixing"
Steffi's speech), if we should "do something" about it. I don't know
when she stopped having trouble with R's, but she doesn't any more.
It's certainly been in the last year, maybe in the last six months.

She is a pre-reader/writer, so I don't have any experience with the
writing, but I'm sure that your daughter will self correct the spelling
as she self corrects the speech - when she is ready!

Joni Zander