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Kirby was getting a B, after four weeks in his math 99 class (having never
had any math lessons of any sort before, and he's 18). They had their first
test, and he got a 92. I asked him if that was an A or a B by their grading
scale, and he said they didn't give him a letter, just a number. <g> I let
it go and didn't tell them there are always letters behind those numbers. <g>

He has math again today. I asked him last night whether he had finished his
homework, and he said he had. Since he started taking classes his
homework has always been done early. When I was in school, mine was NEVER done
early. I've written papers the morning they were due and gotten Bs. But even
his ill-fated English essay was done a day and a half before it was due. I'm
impressed but I don't want to make a big deal with him about it because I
don't want him to know it's unusual, for one thing. It would seem that I was
kind of encouraging him to slack and stall. Maybe he's doing it early because
he's also taking a class in college success.

I did want to pass on my outside observations, though. He's not telling me
as many stories about what happens now that it's not so new to him, but he
did tell us about the 92 on the test, and he's planning to take more classes.


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