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-=-And as for my son, his nose seems to always be in a book when he's not doing something else. He read and reads and laughs and laughs and comes up with new ideas for his comics, games, writings, and art. Not saying he's not influenced and inspired by other mediums, but he does dearly love a good book. And I love it when he shares those books with me and he loves it too or he wouldn't do it.-=-

If you replaced all uses of "book" with "movie" or "record" or "woodworking project" how would it change the value or reality of its effect on the child and mom in such a scenario?

Do you ever read bios of moviemakers, musicians, artists, or of people who didn't read much or well?

I was reading a lot about Danny Elfman lately. He spent as much time as he could, as a kid, at the movie theater, and was most interested in the soundtracks. He learned all the names of the composers and was super interested in the effect of music on movie audiences and films. He wasn't studying music (not playing trumpet at school or anything), he was studying movie soundtracks in his own way. Here's what he's done since:


He wasn't reading books about it. There WERE no books about it. Music doesn't exist in books. It exists in the air, in the ear, in the emotional effect on a person's own biochemistry. The most books can have is musical notation, but it sounds like paper rustling and nothing else until a musician turns it back into music.