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-=-I think I've spent enough time debating it. For goodness sake, I've spent more time debating it (or rather, just sharing with folks how we do things around here than I do watching the silly thing- That right there is ridiculous.-=-

You didn't write a single word more than you chose to write.
People who think discussion is ridiculous probably won't be very happy on a discussion list.

Also, the list's guidelines (which every new member receives) say:
4. If you have a belief or practice that you don't want held up to public examination, don't post it to the list.

From the same post:

-=-Now, I have to say something here. I think the most valuable discussion that seems to be an undercurrent to the one about this TV thing, is that what are we each doing? Does it influence our children? Do we send them messages about things? Do we help shape them or let them shape themselves? Okay... these are important. Very important issues here.-=-

Not ridiculous?

If a poster changes her own mind from the beginning of a post to the middle, it makes sense to revise that post, or to wait until she's settled on a position to write to the list.