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Gothard's probably right about this, though his Christian critics blasted him:

-=-Gothard also says in his letter that, "in the same way they [parents] transfer to us physical features and health weakness, they can also pass on spiritual tendencies." This a false analogy between the spiritual and the physical/genetic.

The brain research concerning religious experience is showing where it happens, and any brain realities have to do with genetics and biochemistry. Some people are "more religious" (have more capacity for spirituality) than others. Some working with Howard Gardner's intelligences have proposed a spiritual intelligence.

I'm being blasted at unschooling.com about having talked about tone deafness. Some people say it doesn't exist and lessons can teach anyone to sing. I think there are teachers at schools (millions of them) who see children as equally capable blank slates and figure that anyone can learn math or spelling or archery or music, if they would just pay attention and apply themselves.

It's a bummer, in a way, that we unschoolers won't be a "clean catch" (medically speaking) and can't be studied. Not that I WANT to be studied, but it's too bad there will not be "scientific data" on what we're doing. Maybe, someday, years out, someone will interview adults who were unschooled and come up with something, but I figure they'll find the weirdos and use it to say "sucked." Nothing we can do about that. <G>

People are so interesting, there's no reason for soap operas now that we have so many books, magazines and the internet and can read about the freakish realities of what people believe and do.