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Yet still people (even unschoolers!) will caution that it could
become addicting, if it isn't already.


Even unschoolers? <g>

I wouldn't defend that argument. Maybe unschoolers who limit TV would make
that self-supporting argument.

I was looking for one of my own webpages (some get lost because I don't
remember where I've linked them or what the names are) and came upon something
I'd never seen or heard of and it had a link to my site. There were people
discussing unschooling, with only a couple of unschoolers coming in to clarify a
bit. I saved it on another computer and will bring bits of it over here.
Interestingly, all the weird stereotypes seemed represented.

-=-> Anything can become addicting.
-=-If this were true, it would be a miracle that we are all still alive!-=-

All those 19th century opium fiends are dead.

My mom was an alcoholic all her adult life, with a nine year AA reprieve.
She smoked cigarettes with NO break, from her late teens. She lived into her
70's. But her nicotine and alcohol addictions were real, and ugly and
expensive, and both were listed on her death certificate. Still...

If habit and addiction can denote (name, or refer to) the same thing, they
have very different connotations (side information).

There's that father's day saying about lots of men are fathers, but only the
special ones are daddies (or some such). There are other denotations for
male parents. "Sperm donor" isn't a very nice one.


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