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><<<<<She must have really had a hard time at FREE day last Friday.  All those unschooling kids just out there running around doing what they want to dowith no parent telling them what to do and how to do it. From tossing the  basketball to playing outside, from Yu Gi Oh to worms, LOL My boys loveFREE day.>>>>

What do you mean, Pam?
Every day is free day at our house, but I'm thinking you are referring tosomething specific to do with a school or group?

FREE Day is every Friday in Charlotte, NC. The NCUnschoolers put it together. They've worked out a deal at a local Rec center to have homeschoolers come and just hang out. They have a basketball court, coin operated games, park, empty rooms, and a chess-playing dad (who is willing to take on any challenger! <g>).

It's not *exactly* free---it's $10/family/year. <g> But everyone is free to do whatever he wants. One of the moms brought her worm bin to show (I came home with a cup full of worms to start my own indoor compost bin.)last Friday. Lots of folks bring knitting and games---and, of course, snacks.

FREE to do what you want---and a bunch of other unschoolers to do it with. All homeschoolers are invited, but mostly unschoolers show up 'cause we're not busy with curricula! <G> It's a nice day!