wilson family

Hi All,
I have been reading several post lately that include children that are
interested in game programming. I have an 11yo son who is very eager to
learn game programming and has sifted through a lot of internet research to
find stuff out. I am really thrilled to see him on his own so eager and
capable to find tid-bits of this and that, but I would love to help support
this interest and help him find a good beginner book (there just doesn't
seem to be anything written for a beginner at his level of understanding).
Does anyone know of good sources of info on game programming? In my research
it seems like there is a ton of different languages that different games
use. What is a good one to start with?
Also, I think it would be a great thing to get the kids that are all
interested in this to start being pen-pals. They could help each other out
by sharing the bit and pieces that they know with each other and have
someone to share their excitement with.
You can e-mail me personally if this sounds good to you. It is really
exciting to me to have kids learn from each other and often it works out
really good because they can explain things in their "language".