velvet jiang

>>>>Those in service positions are expected to use it here: restaurant wait
hoteliers, your plumber. I used it as a dog groomer with my clients.
lawyers use it with their clients and clients with their lawyers. Ditto with
doctors and policemen. Judges get it from *everybody*! <g> Teachers tend to
you know what they expect: those that "ain't from around here" tend to let

So only doctors and lawyers are deserving of the recepricated respect, not
lower class service people?
There is a saying about how you can tell alot about a person by how they
treat their server

>>>Fraternization is NOT just in the military. I enforced it when we had a
restaurant. As manager, I didn't associate with my waitstaff (although we
very friendly). My brother DID---he'd go out and get drunk and party with
staff. They lost a lot of respect for him when they'd see him at his

My husband and I own a restaurant and we have not found socializing with our
employees to be a problem. Some of our ex employees are very good friends
still (Jade and I just played pictionary with two of them last night) and
many of our new employees stay for an hour or so after work to socialize
with us and each other. We encourage eating together and open communication.
I agree that their are people who I would have to be careful around in the
sense that they are not very good employees and I need to be more
authoritarian but for the most part all of our employees do a great job.
When I hire them it is made quite clear that I have no problem firing people
for not helping my business (I have fired a best friend, who is still a
friend, my sil, and my nephew) and they know that no matter how much I like
them personally, I will fire them if they are not doing what needs to be
The only line I feel I need to draw is what is for the best interest of the
btw My long term employee would tell me what needs to be done if I wasn't
pulling my weight and expect that I take care of it just like I would do to
them. They give me ideas for improving my business that I wouldn't have come
up with myself and my business wouldn't be as great as it is today without
the relationships that I have built with the people who work with us.

Just my different perspective on relationships in business from my personal