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Got this in my local email today - thought some of you might want to check it
out. :)

The Learning Community Group would like to announce the launch of our
CyberSchool and our first online class: Video Game Design!  This class
teaches students from 4th grade on how to make their own video games using
simple drag and drop software. This nineteen chapter class covers the basics
of creating an original video game from scratch, and introduces potential
Video Game Designers to one of the today’s biggest emerging industries!

The CyberSchool is a great way for students of all ages and backgrounds to
complete an entire technology class from the comfort of their home, school,
or community learning center. CyberSchool classes are both innovative and
inexpensive and can be completed at a student’s own pace. For $20, students
get one month to complete the same class that the LCG taught this past
summer at the Museum of Science in Boston for $235!

The CyberSchool interface provides video chapters of a master instructor’s
computer screen as he/she walks students through the Video Game Design
process step-by-step. The CyberSchool also provides students with access to
an online Forum System for discussion with other students and LCG staff. 
Soon students will be able to view their work in an upcoming CyberSchool
Gallery. All that is required to take classes through the CyberSchool is a
computer with an Internet connection, Flash Player 7 (free) and speakers (or

The software required for this class is Multimedia Fusion (currently PC
only). This software is available exclusively to LCG students who have
enrolled in our Video Game Design class for $60! (40% off the retail price
of $100).

To enroll:

1)      Go to www.thelcg.com/cyberschool and sign up for a free CyberSchool

2)      Log into the CyberSchool and purchase the class.

3)      Purchase Multimedia Fusion at www.thelcg.com/store.

4)      You can start the class once you have received your software kit in
the mail!

We look forward to seeing you at the CyberSchool!

The CyberSchool Team


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on 1/30/05 12:46 AM, DACunefare@... at DACunefare@... wrote:

> The Learning Community Group would like to announce the launch of our
> CyberSchool and our first online class: Video Game Design!

Hey, Deb beat me to this! ;-)

I have no clue if the course is any good. They do this course "live" at the
Museum of Science in Boston and the musuem has a good reputation for fun
courses. Kathryn has taken a class at the museum and really liked it (but it
was done by other people.)

What it looks like is maybe they recorded the instruction part of the class
and then the feedback comes from posting questions on a forum?

Kathryn took a different video game course and used Multimedia Fusion. (It's
only for the PC, by the way.) She said she liked the graphics she could use
better than Stagecast, and she could figure out how to do levels and design
a big boss to beat. (I know Stagecast will do levels and bosses but maybe
the tutorials weren't as helpful for something like that? She said she
wasn't sure if she found Multimedia Fusion easier because it is easier or
because she had live help during the course.)

But if Multimedia Fusion looks good, the course is only $20 and they give
you a $40 discount on the software so you could save money on the software
by signing up for the course.