Deb Lewis

***Curious about these acronyms. Care to share?***

I can tell you about Charge. My grand nephew has Charge syndrome.

Charge is an acronym for a particular group of birth anomalies.

C - Coloboma (ocular) A cleft which affects the globe of the eye but not
the eyelid
-Cranial nerve anomalies which may involve the olfactory nerve, the
ocular nerve, may include unilateral facial palsy, the acoustic nerve,
difficulty swallowing

H - Heart malformations

A- Atresia or stenosis of choanae unilateral or bilateral

R- retardation of growth and/or development

G- Genitourinary anomalies

E-Ear anomalies which may include the outer ear, middle ear and or inner

My nephew was born with cleft palate and two esophageal tubes, one of
which connected to his lung and the other which made no connection to his
stomach, cleft eyeballs, heart abnormalities, urinary tract
abnormalities, growth hormone deficiency among other things.

His ears were completely sealed the canals were so constricted.

He's almost nine and after many surgeries is doing fairly well. We took
care of him for a year when he was very small and his young mother had
difficulty coping with his condition. His name is Jacob and he loves
Dan Rather. <g>

Deb L