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When we visited with Pam Sorooshian's family in southern California in early
December, Holly saw Cyrus Sorooshian at Knott's Berry Farm, and she ran into
Dan and Jocelyn Vilter at Disneyland. Cyrus was at Knott's Berry Farm with
a team from work, for a Christmas team-building outing. Keith and Holly
were going separately, and anyway. That's coincidence enough, but they actually
ran into each other. Dan and Jocelyn went to Disneyland for a choral
concert. All my kids and most of Pams had ditched out of the gaming convention
half of them had been attending, and went to Disneyland on a rainy day.
Disneyland's a big place, but they ran into each other.

Last time our whole family went to Disneyland, we ran into a mom and two
kids, homeschoolers, from a town near us. They're in the SCA. We know them
pretty well. We found them in the back of one of the Main Street shops before
park opened. That's coincidence enough, for two families from New Mexico.
But we ran into one or the other of the kids four more times. They said they
were going home, and not coming back the next day. The next day they were
back, though; we know, because we saw them again, in Toon Town.

So Holly has the impression that when she goes places she'll meet people she
knows. And it could be true. My sister was sitting outside the Air and
Space Museum in Washington, and saw a little girl who looked just like her
friend Elaine Valdez's daughter. Then she saw her friend Elaine. From New
Mexico. Neither family knew the other was travelling to DC. She and Elaine were
best friends in elementary school and have kept in light contact. We grew up
about six houses apart.

Monday, Kirby started classes for the first time. In his first class was
his friend Liam (of the Carol Rice article about late reading,
_http://sandradodd.com/r/carol_ (http://sandradodd.com/r/carol) ). That's less spectacular a
coincidence than the out-of-state experiences, but still a cool coincidence.
Liam's not Kirby's age. There are other campuses of TVI.

It's interesting that while my kids live in a really big, real world, for
them it has been a small, friendly world too.


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