Seth W Bartels

>Seamus just recently got his beautiful long red hair cut (the hair
>stylist almost gave him a girly bob style, thinking he was a girl!!
>eek), and the first couple of days i thought it looked really cool.
>I gelled it into a kind of quasi mohawk thing and he looked rather
>like a little rock star, even got comments from strangers "cool hair
>man!" He was happy people finally knew he is a boy when we're out.

sebastian took scissors to his gorgeous white blond locks the other day.
i asked him if he was wanting a trim, he said yes. so we got some better
scissors out and i started to brush out his little snarly dreadies
staring on the back of his head (his hair is so fine, but it mats a day
after being brushed and he can't stand having it brushed!) he said, *ow!
that hurts too much! just cut it all off!* i was shocked hearing this
from his sweet little face. it wasn't that long ago that he cried,
begged and pleaded with me to let him grow it out like his aunt who has
hair down to her arse. *sigh* i asked him if he was sure, he said *yes,
shave it off like yours mama, i don't want you to brush it's
too hard.* well, you can't get anymore straightforward or clear than
that! so, i stood there with my clippers, taking off chunks of his
beautiful that i wish would grow out of my own head and i
bawled! i could barely see through my tears! he looked up at me and
said, *oh mama...why are you crying?* i said i was just sad to see his
beautiful hair come off. he replied, *'s just *hair*. don't
worry, it will grow back!* i laughed, then cried some more. transition
is hard for me. ;) well, we saved his hair, just like i saved mine when
i shaved it off recently, he's beautiful and all is well. :) he seems to
get this elated *high* cutting off his hair just like i do...for me it's
so freeing, seems like it is for him too! he's been a glowing ball of
happiness ever since! i miss the hair still, but he's will
grow back (well, if he wants it to!) my dad practically disowned me when
i snuck to a hair salon with my mom and cut my hair to shoulder length
when i was 8 (imagine his shock when i shaved it!!) it really hurt me to
have him react so harshly to something that was my choice and on my own
body...and i was twice sebby's age then!

here's to all of our shining self-assured beauties of children, free to
make choices that truly make them happy!


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Dana Matt

Lisa, I just wanted to tell you...My 6 yo was reading
your post over my sholder, and as I went to delete it
she said "Wait, I'm not done...." So I sat there
until she was done, and she said "Flag that one--it's
such a nice story" :)
> just *hair*. don't
> worry, it will grow back!* i laughed, then cried
> some more.

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