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-=-Is it best to just get the drums that are sold specifically to go with the
set? Do they hook up to the gamecube somehow? Or is it just as much fun to
have any old kongas for multiple players?-=-

Bongos. I think the name of the game should have been Bongo Kazooie, because
it's really not a conga-drum situation<g>. The bongos that come with the
set are game controllers. They plug in right where the controllers would have,
and touching the drums are left and right (on menus) and there's a "start"
button on front of the drums (in a subtle place so they don't have the appearance
of being controllers).

Extra drums are $30 a set (same price as any controllers). They're not
manufactured by Nintendo, but are made specifically for that game by another
company. In two-player mode, the way you hit your drums affects the way your
"character" hits his. If I make a mistake, the guy on the screen makes exactly the
same mistake, and that's what the score is based on. So you're controlling an
on-screen cartoon drummer, with your drums.


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Thanks! I did pick up the drum-controller. I don't normally spend that much on Christmas gifts for a niece or nephew, but his parents are pretty generous towards our family. Besides, it just didn't seem right for him to have the game with only one controller.

Mary Ellen

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