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Someone wrote that her kids didn't want Calvert, they wanted to unschool.
For that to work the mother really needs to become an unschooler herself. A
recent Calvert Curriculum purchase is not a good sign of understanding and
believing that natural learning can work.

-=-. Any ideas on how to mend my evil ways?-=-

LOTS. I've collected the ideas of many moms who wrote at crucial moments in
their growing awareness. Two good starting places:

-=-I really never meant to create this atmosphere. Will time help the
situation if I just stop acting that way or should I make amends somehow?-=-

Time will heal the situation sooner if you make amends. At least tell him
you're changing your beliefs. But then work to change them steadily and
directly toward your goal. Saying "I'm sorry I did that" to a kid is invaluable in
nurturing an authentic relationship with him as a whole human. Not a mom/kid
relationship, but a person to person relationship. Would you say 'sorry' to a
friend you had wronged? Would you try to make it up to a friend if you had
done something you regretted? Treating children like friends is a big move in a
good direction.


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Elizabeth Hill

** Time will heal the situation sooner if you make amends. **

How about bringing out snacks during cartoon or game time and smiling
approvingly? (If it isn't fake.)


Sandra Dodd

-=-I am realizing the best way to help her learn about the world is
to be interested in the world around me. -=-

This is a quote from a post at unschooling.info.
GREAT statement. By a mom named Tamara, posting for the first time
there as SpringsFromSalt.



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