Danielle Conger

Some of you may remember that I posted a story recently about a local La
Leche Leader and homeschooling mom of Ben (7) and Lucy (2) laughing
about my Emily (7) taking a mother to task for her not-so-gentle
parenting style. Joanne is an amazingly strong woman who has already
dealt with so much with her young daughter Lucy over the past year, and
now this! You can read more about Joanne's story here:

This wonderful, giving woman has just been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's
Lymphoma. All of this has happened so quickly! She went in for what she
feared might be strep throat, was flown to Washington Hospital Center
and has now finished her first round of chemotherapy--all in just over a
week! This is a tremendous amount of emotional trauma and upheaval for
the family to process, and those of us trying to help are working
quickly to identify the most practical and effective ways to expend our

Our goal is to provide the family with allergy-free meals at least twice
a week, and there is a small group of people willing and able to cook
under such rigorous conditions. Others are offering to do the grocery
shopping to ensure that the family has a good stock of allergy-free
foods in the home as well. This is where we feel our energy will be most
usefully spent during these difficult times.

During this Season of Giving, we are trying to raise as much money as we
can so that the folks doing the shopping can buy the groceries and leave
them for the family as a gift during these emotionally and financially
stressful times. Any little bit that we can raise will go a long way
towards easing this family's burden.

I know so many of you have crises on your own homefront, and I'm hoping
that this appeal does not come across as inappropriate in these forums.
I feel that I need to reach out to help this homeschooling family in any
way I can because they are having to endure more than any family ought.
Please feel free to hit the delete key and move on; I am reaching out
here to make peace in my own heart. Thank you all so much for reading!