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Subject: Radio Program on Creation Science 11/24

WHAT: Special Creation Science Focus
WHERE: Christian Talk 660AM
WHEN: Wed., Nov. 24, 7:00am-8:00am
WHO: Dr. Tony Beam and Dr. John Cobin interview Dr. Albert Anderson of
Greenville, SC. Dr. Anderson is a local medical doctor who has studied
the creation science issue for over 30 years. He is very knowledgeable in
the area of the origin of the races and genetics. This past week two
13-year old home schoolers called it. They did a GREAT job! On Tuesday,
Nov. 30, Dr. Stuart Patterson, professor emeritus and chairman of the
chemistry department at Furman University, will be the featured guest.
Drs. Anderson and Patterson are both young Earth creationists and members
of the Creation Study Group board. You don't want to miss this
opportunity to get the facts and call in with your questions!

Dr. Beam, a professor a North Greenville College, heads the Christian
World view Center at NGC. Dr. Cobin has his Ph.D. in public policy from
George Mason University and studied under Dr. Walter Williams who is a
frequent guest host on the Rush Limbaugh Show with over 20 million
listeners per week. If you have already listened to their show, you know
how informative it is. It truly challenges your thinking.

This one-hour segment each morning is informative and thought-provoking.
They often deal with the issue of creation, since Biblical creation is
the foundation of a truly Biblical world and life view. Turn the radio
on while you are eating breakfast with the children.

If you have already been listening, let the radio station know you
appreciate the program. If we are to keep this genre of high-quality,
Bible-based, strongly apologetic programming on the air, they need to
hear from you. Email your comments, questions, encouragement to Duane
Corn, operations manager, at:

Tune in to hear Dr. Anderson on Wednesday, November 24, 7:00am. Tune in
again to hear Dr. Stuart Patterson on Tuesday, November 30, 7:00am.

Grace and peace,
Jon Orcutt
Ministries coordinator
Creation Study Group
(864) 220-2322

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