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I got this in my mail today----maybe most of y'all did too. I've read half
of it. It's a free download, so maybe it would be of interest.
My name is Debbie Harbeson and I am writing to you because I have written a
short humor book about our family's early homeschooling experiences and want
to share it freely with other homeschoolers and anyone else interested. I
have it available in a pdf file from the website listed below. Totally free.
This book was originally a project for my family, but I have since decided
it would be fun to share with anyone interested. I consider it my
contribution to the homeschooling cause. :)
It has received a great response so far. Ann Zeise of A to Z Home's Cool
and Beverly Hernandez of About.com have put links on their sites and so far two
magazines have contacted me for permission to publish an excerpt.
I hope you are intrigued enough to go check it out for yourself and if you
like it, to pass it on to your list members.
_http://www.timeforbedlam.com_ (http://www.timeforbedlam.com/)
Thank you so much for taking time to consider whether to pass this offer on
to your list members.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me.
Debbie Harbeson

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