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BTW Holly, I thought that was a great article, too. You know, they
always have to counter EVERY homeschool article with some less than
enlightened school administrator - fortunately for the reporters, they
are very easy to find. <g>

We were interviewed for TV, once, for a weekly parenting segment, a few years

The night it was to have come out, something else was there. The next week,
something else. I called and they said they might use it somewhere else.
Finally it showed, on another night (I guess they were saving it for a night
without a car wreck or a stabbing).

I though our parts were really pretty good! But what they had been stalling
about, I guess, was "balancing" it. So there were two inserted pieces where
they had gone to the office of some education professor at the university of
New Mexico, and in her dark office at her cluttery desk, probably without having
seen the footage of us at all, she made two damning pronouncements:
1. homeschoolers won't get to socalize with other kids
2. homeschooled children are limited to the knowledge their parents have

THAT's the crap that needed a rebuttal, but all in all she had a PhD and I'm
"just a housewife."

A couple of people I know (not homeschoolers) saw it and said so. We taped
it, but accidently erased it one day, which was a little sad, but not TOO sad.
The ignorance of the professor was the really sad part. SHE needed to
socialize with some people who weren't education-bound, and maybe to get some
knowledge other than what her journals were providing (if she even reads journals).


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Holly Furgason

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> THAT's the crap that needed a rebuttal, but all in all she had a
PhD and I'm
> "just a housewife."

I always tell the reporters I want the right to rebuttal but the
Houston Press didn't give it to me. I expected the union lady.
She's the one all the press in Houston go to because, unlike the
school district officials, she can be mean and lie.

Holly (the Flaky and Round)