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I've already written to Diana/HaHaMommy for advice or help, but I thought
there might be people here with something immediately helpful or soothing.

I just received this e-mail. I'm not sure if it's an unschooling family or
not. If anyone has anything I could forward to her, please let me know here or
on the side. Thanks.


Hi Sandra,

We are a homeschooling family in WI. Children are Sarah, 17;

Noah, 13 (adopted from China at age 7 1/2 years); and Linnea, 12

(adopted from China, at age 9 years). My husband was diagnosed

three weeks ago with primary amyloidosis, a rare disease which

isn't cancer, but acts like cancer. Though he has just started

massive chemo treatments, the doctor told him yesterday he believes

Phil is dieing.

I am losing my husband, our children are losing their father, and

I can't imagine life without him. This is a nighmare I am unable

to wake up from.

I was wondering if there were any other homeschool families that

have experienced this? I can't remember if I've read anything

in HEM or not. I know there are single parent homeschool families.

I just thought I'd ask. We're not having a good day here today.

Thanks for your help. -Janice Zindel, WI