Sandra and I have been having a discussion about how to offer love to
a child who is showing signs of not being 'happy in his skin.' I've
included part of the discussion below for those who might have
skipped over the other thread because it was about teenagers.

As an insiration, I'd love to hear from more of you about the ways
you gently love a kid who's in need of it, without getting under
their skin instead.

This seems like a good opportunity to start another thread, as this
applies to all age children.

Laura B.

> -=-I wouldn't be nearly as anxious about this if I had a boy who
> happy in his skin. How can I help him achieve this?-=-
> By trying to make him comfortable without getting under his skin
> Kirby isn't as comfortable as the other two kids. I don't talk to
him about
> that, because it would make it worse. I bring him snacks, change
his towels,
> find something to compliment him on (his hair looks good, or thanks
for doing
> whatever little thing, or thanks for staying with Holly on Friday
when he
> might rather have gone and done other things). I tell him a story
about a
> mutual friend that I think he might appreciate. I remind him about
an upcoming
> birthday or something he might care about. I asked him yesterday
if he needed
> anything else for his Halloween costume.
> If you can afford a little trip out of town, might that help?
> Marty and I did a ghost town and SW New Mexico trip, and it was
> Sandra