David Lewis

The peak of the Orionid meteor shower is tonight (I think) so if your sky
is clear, have a look.
Next Wednesday is a total lunar eclipse beginning 7:14pm Mountain time.

We've been laying on the trampoline under a pile of blankets looking for
shooting stars. Last night was very cold so we didn't say out long and
the sky was patchy with clouds so we weren't getting great views. But
this morning we were up at four and it was foggy and spooky but just over
head the a little circle of sky was clear and bright and we saw three
shooting stars per minute. It was lovely!

We also heard a small? group of cranes flying over and the swans have
been straggling past for the last week. If you're in the flyway and your
eyes are skyward, make sure your mouths are closed. <g>

Deb L