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Hi Sandra!

Just wanted to put in a second good word for the Australian Blue Heeler. We
had Dorothy for 5 years and we got her from a family that was divorcing. Best
dog we ever had!

On another dog note, we now have a Chocolate Lab/German Shepherd who is 5.
She had a seizure the other day and scared us all, we thought she was dying!
Turns out the retreiver family of dogs is known for having seizure/epilepsy
problems. Anyway, she is fine now, the whole thing only lasted a couple of
minutes. We have had her since she was 5 weeks old so we are praying that this is
one of those once in a very long while things. In the meantime, we have had
lots of visits to the vet, but she is worth it.

One note on training. One of the best ways to train a dog/puppy is to get a
leash that you can clip on your belt loop. You keep the dog with you all of
the time except when you let them out and crate them at night. After about 3-4
weeks of this you should have a well trained dog that will always stay by
your side. Make sure to give commands each time you need to get up or sit down
and praise when they obey. I NEVER EVER use hitting or abuse of any kind, not
even a raised voice.

Love reading all of the posts!

Heather - Wisconsin

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