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Have any of you read any of his books? I ran across him while on Amazon a
week or so back, when I was looking up the book, "The Way Life Works" (kinda a
cool, illustrated biology "reading" book) and his books popped up as being
bought by other people who bought "The Way Life Works."

I ended up actually buying 2 of his books on Ebay..."Why We Run" and "Winter
World." Both have beautiful illustrations, and my son (who hates to read)
has been glued to "Why We Run." Has anyone read any of his stuff?

Any other suggestions of cool, fun to read biology type books? I'm a big
fan of "The Cartoon Guides" but the biology one didnt have good reviews. I did
get "The Cartoon Guide to Genetics" though...haven't been able to look at it

Nancy B.

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