One of the Wechts

Hello all,
Just wanted to share.

We recently returned from a long weekend with Grandma in NC. On the way back, we stopped at my new favorite exit off of Rt 95, Emporia. They have almost everything. I had taken orders a mile or so before and this is what we did.

We started off getting chili, chips & cheese for me at Wendy's. Then we hit the next drive thru for 2 fillet of fish for Andrew at McDonalds,one with tartar sauce, one without. (Andrew switches the buns cause they always put more sauce than he likes.) Across the main road, we hit Arby's for 2 chicken sandwiches for Kerry and a roast beef for Jess. We headed over to the Dairy Queen (it was one of those combo gas and other food places) and DH got an ice cream sundae. I finished my stuff and went in to get one for me <g> and to get a shake for Kerry and a misty for Jess. DH was then ready for real food <g> and got some stuff from Taco Bell.

It felt so good to be able to get everyone what they wanted. We ate in the shade in the van. The only potential snafu was that Jess really wanted a frozen Coke. In our area, Arby's has these, so she was bummed when this one did not. I saw the misty and bought her a cherry one. She was fine with it. I realized that there was a Wal-Mart not too far away, and I would have looked there for an ICEE if needed.

What a pleasant, if somewhat unconventional meal. It cost no more than a meal at Cracker Barrel, which is the only other place that we can all get something that we like. It took no longer. We had bathroom breaks, fueled up the van, and I bought 5 bottles of spring water for the rest of the ride. We were full and happy.

Beth (back home in MD)

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