Angela S

My dd Lilly, age 8, loves to write stories and has had me create a story
list on yahoo where she can share her stories with other children and read
stories written by other children. I have created a private moderated list
and I'd like to invite any children who are interested to join. The list is
open to all ages so please keep that in mind when you submit stories and
keep them clean. The stories will come to me first and then as moderator, I
will send them on to the list. This will help to keep it safe for our
children. If I feel something is unsuitable for the list, I may ask the
author revise it and send it back again. If you have children who are
interested in joining and sharing their stories and reading other children's
stories, then please drop me a note and I'll send them an invitation to join
the list. Thanks.

Angela ~ Maine


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