Annette Keenberg

This applies just to the US but the Department of Ag just issued a mandate
recently about better training on safe food handling for everyone, not just
those selling food. In their materials, they claim that the average American
gets food poisoning twice a year, usually from their own cooking or food
made by friends or family. In response to their findings, they have a
program funded and running now for educating anyone who is interested about
learning to handle and prepare foods safely.

You would want to contact your local county cooperative extension office
about the program. The class, which I expect is nearly identical throughout
the US, takes about 2-3 hours and you learn all the ins and outs of
bacteria, food preservation and more. Well worth taking, especially if
you've a child, or you yourself, selling foods to others. And since the
county decides on its rules for safe food sales, any questions you had on
the matter could be easily addressed during the class. It was free here and
would probably be a free program, or just a few dollars, every where.