Laura Johnson

That is so cool Julie, he sounds like a really amazing kid. He doesn't sound like he needs a curriculum to me.

I'm hoping that my son finds a great business to run as well, so much better than flipping burgers (no offense to burger flippers, but that's hard work for little pay). He's five and already talking about what businesses he is going to own and what he can sell. I own two small businesses myself, so that will probably open the door for him sooner.

I remember as a kid, I wanted to sell sno cones to the kids in my neighborhood. My mom didn't want me taking real money from the kids, so she made me set a jar of pennies on the table next to my stand and the kids could take money from there to pay me. Even then I knew that was so bogus. I've always wanted to own my own business. I think some have that drive or need, and some don't. My business partner is not entrepreneurial at all and struggles with so many things about running our business.

Sounds like your creating a great environment in your home.

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