2023 note:
Adam named this set of events, and Holly created the art based on that name.

We did another such series when Hema Bharadwaj's family visited from India, called The Monkeyplatter Festival, inviting locals for a rangoli demonstration (with participation), to play Rock Band at our house one day, and to the zoo another, etc.

ACE Festival—Albuquerque Chat and Explore
January 7-10, 2011, various locations in Albuquerque
Hosted by Sandra and Holly Dodd
in honor of the visit of Adam Daniel and his parents,
James and Julie Daniel, from Ashford, Surrey

Also confirmed from out of state:

Robin Bentley, who was at the Santa Fe Symposium last January, from Issaquah, Washington.
Priscilla Sanstead and her daughter, Caroline (17, arriving later) from Tulsa
Friday, January 7

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
In January, residents of Santa Fe, Taos, and Rio Arriba counties get free admission.

The M Cafe at the museum, has wi-fi. those who want to be in the unschooling chat Friday morning (10:00 to 12:00) should show up before or during that time, and others can meet and greet there, sometime before noon.

Much prehistoric information, and STARTUP: Albuquerque and the Personal Computer Revolution

Possibly, for those who aren't too tired, "First Friday Fractals" show that evening at the museum. [Marty said it sells out in advance, so if you're interested get reservations way before you get to town.]

Saturday, January 8


meet 11:00ish in the Paradox Cafe (which is NOT a cafe, but is a puzzlers station, so eat before you get there!)

Explora: Creating opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology and art.

Sunday, January 9

A Day at the Dodds'

9:30 or 10:00, Deluxe Disorganized Pancake Breakfast

Noon or so, Unschooling Discussion

Robin Yaeger and friends, question and answer, discussion...
After the formal discussion portion...
Games and chat and more games and other chat Bring snacks if you wish to. We'll monkey-platter it for the afternoon.


O'Neill's Irish Pub at 3301 Juan Tabo NE for dinner on Sunday (it's north of Candelaria)

Monday, January 10

The restaurant I had hoped to go to is closed for remodelling.

If the sky is clear and visibility is good, I'll take my houseguests up the tram to Sandia Crest Monday morning. Others who want to go should let me know before that morning so we can coordinate.

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