Real OFFICIAL information on the September 6-10, 2006 Live and Learn Conference,

passed but still exciting, is here: (thanks to The Wayback Machine)

Albuquerque, Old Town, Conference Environs

and links to photos of the 2005 conference (some are gone)

Photos from 2006 Conference in Albuquerque

[Geri's photos... gone...]

BEAUTIFUL photos of little Old Town details, and lots of conference-kids
Craig's video presentation, giving the feel of the conference (and you can look for your kids in there).
Which will also lead you to...

Dan and Jocelyn Vilter's photos

Photoshop Version
Flash Gallery with slideshow option (might not load)
Flickr Group for Live and Learn Over 500 photos there as of 9/24/06
Those wanting to participate in this can make a free Flickr account and upload photos. Then you choose those to be shared with that list. Of if you have a Flickr photo album that's exclusively the Albuquerque Conference, I could link that directly, too.
Kristin's Blog posts about the conference (still there in September 2022, but here's a backup just in case: archived

Deeann's Pix on Photobucket Dodd Photos
Holly's photos of the dress-up funshop

Feel free to link from there if you want photos of your kids on blogs or wherever.
Chris in IA
Blog entry with photos
Kim / snibbor
Including Explora, picnic, and some of what they saw in Oklahoma on the way home.
just click "View Slideshow"
Melissa / Multimomma
The link above is to the Wednesday post. From there you can go to "next" to get each day.
Gail's photos of the tattoo field trip
Sylvia Toyama's Blog Entries with Photos:
  • Kids at the dance
  • Conference Dance Fun
  • Funshops
  • Conference Colors
  • Other Conference Highlights
  • Gail's Photos
    Sleepy Teens by Zenmomma, on her blog (several photos, pretty sweet)
    Jennifer Foltz photos
    Check the blog entries for the end of September. There are three or four with lots of conference and New Mexico photos.

    The Hotel is at 800 Rio Grande Blvd NW in case you want to use Mapquest to get directions to other places. More hotel photos and info are here. This is a collection of links and ideas for those considering or planning to attend the Live and Learn Conference September 6-10, 2006, in Albuquerque.
    The moon will be full and waning through the conference, so don't forget to look up, especially those from lower, humid places. And try to see some sunsets. If there's a good one, don't hesitate to remind everyone to go and look. And with a ten-story hotel, there's a second chance to climb up and look at the sun go down AGAIN.

    Photos of the hotel

    and some nearby things, from a day Marty and Holly and I walked around taking pictures for Kelly Lovejoy.
             Click "join later" at the right, so you can see the photos without registering with Kodak.

    Things within very close walking distance (links will be added when possible):

    Old Town
    the oldest part of Albuquerque (Here's a map.) Shops, restaurants, a plaza, historic church, music...

    Albuquerque Museum
    history and art, and there's a big sculpture garden outside you can see on the way to the playground at Tiguex park without going into the museum

    National Atomic Museum
    was on Kirtland Air Force base, until base access was limited a few years ago

    New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
    dinosaurs, prehistoric this'n'that, geology, astronomy,

    hands-on science and children's museum
    the photos at the website don't do it justice; it's wonderful
    and it's closed for revamping during the conference. DARN!


    Tiguex Park, right across from every museum listed above
    Explora has an outdoor playground for young children

    VERY short driving distance (or taxi or longer walk):

    Rio Grande Zoo

    Albuquerque Aquarium and Bio Park

    These are really close, but if a family walked, they'd be way too tired to walk back to the hotel, so I recommend an auto even though they're physically near.

    Longer driving distance


    Tramway to Sandia Crest (click on 'tramway' when that page opens), which can easly be done in just a couple of hours if you just want to go up, look around a bit and come back down (Mapquest says: 21 minutes, 15.08 miles)

    Coronado State Monument , Small museum, archeological site, on the bank of the Rio Grande across from the town of Bernalillo, north of Albuquerque (Mapquest says 23 minutes, 21.10 miles)

    ALL DAY:
    Santa Fe , capital of New Mexico, 60 miles north, and while you could see the plaza and the Palace of the Governors in one day, if you want other museums it would probably take two days

    CAMPING/RV CAMPS (furnished by Pegge and then Jakesmome; thanks)
    This one is only 4.7 miles and less than 10 minutes away:

    About 6.5 miles and 8 minutes away:

    9 miles and 11 minutes away:

    Isleta Lakes, no address, but this one looks about 10 miles away: no website as of 2/06

    KOA is 18.2 miles and 20 minutes away:

    PHOTOS FROM the 2005 Live and Learn conference near St. Louis, Missouri

    These aren't Albuquerque but can give people an idea of how the conference is in general, and for those who were there these should stir happy memories.

    Pegge's Free Range Family report

    Photos of LeaAnn, Brandon's mom:

    Lots of teen photos, thanks to Beth/dietpeppers:
    (and a few adults, and lots of Cameron)

    Dagny's: 202005/

    Dodd photos of talent show, museum and a few other things:

    Holly says you might need to click "view without signing in"

    Kelli Traaseth's, Margaritaville, Homestarrunner :D, circles games and a few others:

    Geri's, of which she wrote "56 photos from the conference, the best of the bunch... (with my old Nikon FG film camera)"

    cris (muddpies):



    Photos from the conference Geocache camera, from James and Robyn:
    The read only password to view this album is: anno

    Taomom's Wild Things:

    Claire, two sets, maybe with a few duplicates she says: