Photos for 2018 Christmas letter

Merry Christmas!

These are the photos I considered for the Christmas card mailing.
Maybe you got one or two of them already, but here's the whole set.

The first one is cheating; it's a couple of years old.
I only took two: Holly & Devyn, and of Kirby/Marty/babies .
Others are by Treva (Ashlee's mom), Ashlee, Holly, Kirby, and the adoption lawyer.

Marty's graduation from UNM, BA in Economics (Geography minor)

Holly and Devyn

At Holly's birthday party:

Devyn, born March 8, 2009, became Devyn Lynna Daye Dodd on November 27, 2018.

Interesting fact:
Devyn was four years and ten months old when she began to live with Kirby and Destiny fulltime.
Four years and ten months later, she became "Devyn Dodd."
In days, 1774 days the first half, 1777 days to adoption from there.

Ivan at 11 months:

I chose the one with the dollar bill, for scale. He's a tall baby!

It's fun to see little Kirby so amazed.
It has been fun to see bigger Kirby amazed by her, too.

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Happy 2019!!