Map and directions to Sandra's Unschooling Symposium in Santa Fe
Fort Marcy is a small historical site on the northeast corner of the old part of Santa Fe. In the 1970's there were time-share condominiums built, and now nearly 40 years later we can use them inexpensively. Some are still 70's-ish and some are richly refurbished southwest style. The arrow points to the office and conference rooms. The buildings to the right are the condos. Some are two-story and most aren't. They're all on a hill, though, and there are steps. This site is not wheelchair friendly, at all.

There will be copies of this map in the front office if you need one when you're there. We're in the upper right. This only shows the old part of town around the plaza.

This is how near to the plaza we'll be. It's an uphill walk back to the condos, though, so plan ahead on that (or have someone you can call for a ride). The plaza is where the #1 is, and the condos are up in the upper right corner.

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