Four-year-olds Discuss School

Tee Hee I just thought that I would email you all what the two four year olds in my living room are talking about.

Character intro:

Boy, 4 years old, older brother and sister don't go to school so he hasn't heard it talked about that much.

Girl, 4 years old, has been in preschool since October. When asked by me what she does in preschool she replied "Well just what ever the teacher tells us to."

Scene: girl at table with pen writing letters boy comes up and says...

Boy: "What are you doing?"

Girl: "I'm doing preschool."

Boy: [rather incredulously] "Pee School?"

Girl: [impatiently] "PRE school."

Boy: "Pee school? Why do you need to go to Pee school? Didn't your body know how to pee?" [rather sincerely concerned over his friend.]

Girl: [Really mad by now and very loud] "I KNOW how to PEE! It's PRE school I go to not PEE school!"

Boy: "That sounds kind of rude for you. Your too smart to waste time going to pee school." [still very concerned]

Girl: "I go to PRE school. I learn all kids of stuff like how to wash my hands and sing stuff."

Boy: "Maybe if your mom says you could come here instead. My mom can teach you how to wash your hands and sings all sorts of stuff."

Girl: "Oh we do other fun stuff at school too, we paint and play and go outside... umm.... and see friends and teacher knows funny stories, but with lots of rules so we can learn what makes us bad."

Boy: "But your good! Oh my then you'll have to come here instead cause my mom knows all that stuff and nothing here makes us bad. And we have plastercean and puzzles and music and we can jump on the couch and play in the Fort and nintendo and puter games."

Girl: "Well I have to go to school or I'll just be stupid."

Boy: [Gives girl a thorough looking over like he's not too sure what she is] "If you say so, maybe when they see you know how to pee they'll let you go to homeschool. I'm in homeschool and I've learned everything I know here."

Girl: [shouts] "PREEEE SCHOOOOOOOOL!" [turning red in the face]

Boy: [exits stage left still not quite sure what's upsetting his friend so badly.]

Sorry for the poor writing style but I just had to share this as it is too funny. I hope it reads through humour intact.

Teresa in Canada

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