Rose Sorooshian
Sandra Dodd, on Rose Sorooshian:

Rose Sorooshian is the youngest of a prominent unschooling family in southern California. When I first met Rose I think she was seven years old. She, her two older sisters and my three kids all hit it off, and are friends still, now that all are in their 20's.

Rose played soccer as a young girl, and now coaches. She has always been quick and active, and eventually became a kung fu instructor and an interpreter for the Deaf.

Over the years, Rose was always interested in unschooling. She paid attention when the parents were discussing it; not all kids do. She has been on panels at conferences for years, but recently has been speaking on her own and organizing workshops and discussions in her own name.

One sort of specialty of Rose's is the learning that comes from gaming (board games and RPGs), TV and movies.

She was involved in Girl Scouting for many years, and in Odyssey of the Mind.

Featured speaker at Always Learning Live 2011 Presentation notes: Things I Have Learned

Profile from American Tiger Martial Arts & Fitness site, 2015

Rose's mom, Pam