Pushpa Ramachandran

It was a search for help to breastfeed my daughter under a unique set of circumstances that led me to the term "Attachment Parenting." I was hooked to the idea almost instantly since it was so very opposing to all the mainstream messages that I was getting bombarded with about being with my child from all quarters of my life. I kept searching for more information and discovered that Hema Bharadwaj, unschooling mother to two beautiful children, lived just a few miles from me and was connected to a host of other wonderful individuals, including Sandra Dodd, who have all decided to take a path less traveled. For me, that was the beginning of a whole new direction to our lives.

At this point I have a three year old child who has not been enrolled in any kind of formal/structured setting away from home. The trend in India is start children off with some form of schooling quite early on, so I consider myself to be a homeschooler. Radical Unschooling is a path that I consider ideal for developing an incredible connection between me and my child. I strive to achieve those conditions and learn to inch closer to those ideals on a daily basis, to the best of my abilities, despite various challenges thrown at me by life.

I also work part time as a speech pathologist, with much support from my family, to pursue another passion of mine—helping individuals with communication disorders.

Pushpa Ramachandran lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India, with her husband, daughter and mother-in-law. I've visited in her home. In 2010, she organized a well-attended attachment parenting workshop there [described here: The Attachment Parenting talk at Pushpa's (and a little more about that)].

Her own therapy site is http://www.onlinespeechtherapyhelp.com

Pushpa's work bio/CV is here: http://www.onlinespeechtherapyhelp.com/p/about.html

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