Unschooling in Pennsylvania
There are many scare stories in and of Pennsylvania. There are many more unschoolers who have figured out calm, good ways to unschool and comply with the laws. Rather than asking on general unschooling discussions, it's best to learn those things from others in Pennsylvania.

And rather than ask them from the beginning each time, please read through some of the information linked below so that you can ask further questions confidently and calmly. They must be tired of dealing with panicky new unschoolers, too.

It IS doable, and you don't need to be afraid.

Pennsylvania Unschoolers on yahoogroups

Portfolio Help:

Pauline's Guide to Homeschooling in PA: Creating a Homeschooling Portfolio

Emily Schnarr's Site:

ES Educational Services
Emily Schnarr, Homeschool Evaluator
Notes for beginning unschoolers Help for unschoolers Joyce Fetteroll's site