The most obscure of all of themódon't worry if you didn't get this. Don't count it against yourself if you're counting.

The discussion, on July 28, 2014, is here: and Joyce thought I might've seen the show, which I had, some, but... I didn't recognize it.

Shows about teachers in modern schools, in those days, helped with school reform, I thinkógiving older parents the idea that school wasn't the same as it had been for them before the war. But school shows were also nicely scripted so that special education students played by John Travolta and such folk were cute, and funny, and so.... not so realistic. (That was Welcome Back, Kotter, with the special education class, and there were another couple of teacher comedy/drama shows, too, I think, it seems.)

Maybe they needed a Barry Manilow theme song! :-)

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