The closing song was rarely heard in re-runs. Either it would be cut for a commercial, or made miniature with words scrolling on the side, and a voice-over saying what would be on next. Irritating. But part of it might be familiar to younger people from a different source:
No phone, no lights, no motor car
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Caruso
It's primitive as can be.

It's at 1:45, here:

The "Caruso" comment is partly because it scans better, and maybe because "Caruso" (the singer) had a more famous name than "Robinson Crusoe" in the 1960's, but probably mostly because it's funny. But Gilligan's Island is comedy based on the genre of stories whose name is taken from Robinson Crusoe, Robinsonade. Click that if you want to read a WHOLE lot about three hundred years' worth of stories about people stranded on islands and such.

There is a page on my website I have been adding to for years, about Gilligan's Island:
Gilligan's Island, Deep Thoughts and Science
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