Jo Isaac

Jo Isaac is an English unschooling mom who has lived in Colorado, and is living in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Brett and their son Kai. Jo writes poetically, philosophically and technically. She is an expert on possums and has a PhD.

November 29, 2015, on Radical Unschooling Info:
While Kai and I were watching Inside Out yesterday, they had a part where broccoli is in the 'disgust' part of Riley's emotions. Kai loves broccoli - it's one of his favourite foods and the first thing he eats if it's on a plate. He said that parents make broccoli disgusting in kids heads because they force them (the kids) to eat it.

In the same way we can make broccoli seem 'disgusting' by forcing it down our kids throats, we can make TV seem more 'attractive' by setting it up as a limited resource with apparently magical powers of 'distraction'.

By giving broccoli the same status as candy, and TV the same status as books and board games, children are free to make the choices that are best for them, and learn the way they learn best.


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