Counseling, Professional Coaching, Speech Pathology
by people who understand unschooling

There are people here who live in Canada, the U.S., India, Spain and The Netherlands, but most of them can help internationally. If you need a language other than English, though, some can do that.

Roya Dedeaux
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #95302)

Roya Dedeaux was herself unschooled (as Roya Sorooshian) and so understands the considerations of such families. She can counsel at a distance, or in person in the Los Angeles area.

Heather Cooper Diehr
A couples therapist in private practice in seattle, doing skype/facetime/phone session (from far away!!!) work regularly. "I'm generally full, but I'm so passionate about [the Always Learning discussion], I would be open to fitting in people where & however I could....

Jan Hunt
Masters degree in counseling psychology and twenty years of experience

E-mail or telephone

Yvonne Laborda

Gestalt therapist, specializing in the effect on adults of childhood trauma. Yvonne lives in Lleida, Spain and can counsel in Spanish or English (British English). If you would like to see her speaking and hear her voice (in both languages), she is intereviewed at the link here, and below on the same page she's the translator in interviews of me.) Video.

Nathen Lester

Cara Barlow wrote:
Another therapist option.....I was a staff member of the East Coast Not Back to School camp last year, and was really impressed with the camp counselor, Nathen Lester. He's worked for NBTSC for many years and understands unschoolers and unschooling. He'll work with you through skype.

I just checked and his picture and bio from last year are on the NBTSC website - you have to scroll down a bit to find him. If your funds are tight, let him know - he may be able to accommodate you.

Best wishes, Cara Barlow

Nathan's blog:

Pushpa Ramachandran

Pushpa Ramachandran does speech therapy by Skype, part time. She is an unschooling mother and a respected speech pathologist.
e-mail Pushpa or see her site (with a great deal of info!) here:

Marji Zintz

Marji is set up to offer one-on-one help with parenting, as The Peaceful Parent Whisperer. She offers help in person (she lives in Olivebridge, New York), by phone, or via the Internet (Gmail chat or Skype).

To hear Marji speak about her family of origin, singing snatches of songs, and talking about music, listen here: Music is the Universal Language (at the bottom of a list of recordings, all available to hear there freely´┐Żonly 12 minutes long, and beautiful).

Graham Dusseldorp

Graham Dusseldorp offers coaching for dads wanting to balance work and families:

Graham can counsel in his native Dutch or his very-impressive American-accented English. ("Canadian" he says. Because his wife, Rippy, is Canadian.) (See their family here. )

This is Graham's little second job. His main job is a consultant for the government of the Netherlands.

Amy Childs has retired, temporarily or forever, as of December 2018. She's taking a break.

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