Aldred Colson

Master Aldred was made a Master of the Pelican in 1984, two years before the Outlands was a kingdom. Once known as Aldanar Halrim, Aldred learned heraldry from Baldwin of Erebor and Mark Lasie of Westminster, and was very good at it.

Aldred has awards for courtesy and service variously at local, principality and kingdom level.

Although he has been inactive for many years, Aldred will present a heraldry session through Guest Fest on May 17.

Aldred was an excellent herald from the time he joined in his teens. A quick search turned up only two photos; if I find others I'll add them. Donations of photos are welcome! Click for larger views.

Heralding Gunwaldt in when he was made the 7th prince of the Outlands,
and sitting at fighter practice in Altura Park with Keridwen of Montrose.