Monkey Platter Festival November 10-12, 2009
Albuquerque, New Mexico

In November we're having guests from India—Ravi and Hema Bharadwaj and their children Raghu and Zoya. I promised to invite some other unschoolers with young children over, and now it's turning into a three day opportunity to meet other unschoolers. Because the January symposium isn't really geared toward beginning families or younger kids, this is a partner-plan.

Those days are in the middle of the week, so those families in which one of the parents is a chef or musician or other weekend-job guy might take note!

The plan is to have three days—one at Explora, one swimming/water play, and one at my house and the park near me. Conference fees? Nothing. Out-of-towners (if there are any; this might be very small, I know) might get a conference rate at the new water park hotel if I can arrange that (I have an inquiry in), and we might have a room there for a gathering with a couple of speakers.

Somewhere there will be inexpensive lodging suitable for little kids, and I'll get a group rate at the museum, and we can have a monkey platter feast and work party at my house one day (with playground opportunities for anyone who wants to walk two blocks to the playground!). I need to do a couple of things before the Santa Fe Symposium that will be easier and more fun with other people. Nothing difficult at all...

Q&A:Click for some answers. Is there a target age? At this point, some people with tweens are thinking about coming.

What if the water park isn't open by November?

Staying at the Radisson

Sandra Speaking Young Children Monkey Platters