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Not all members are approved, and please don't try to add someone yourself. Explanations are below.
The group is public (visible, open).

Not all members are approved

JUST READ and don't join the group if your facebook page is private or mostly secret. If you're that unwilling to let people see, then you REALLY don't want any of these posts where others can see them, which might happen if you post or comment.

If a moderator looks at your page and it has one or three of these conditions, you should just bookmark this page, and come read.

Made-up name or business name
No evidence of children or of any home ed
Crushing negativity
Strident politics
Overwhelming religiosity
Something to sell
There are other things that can make it seem someone's not a good invitee to an international discussion of how unschooling works well. But the good news is that you can all look at these discussions without being members of the group.

If you are approved, JUST READ and don't post until you've been here a while and read this (maybe two or three times):

Another post on that topic:
"Open group" doesn't mean anyone can join. It means the posts are visible to people who have not joined, so don't post what you don't want to share in public.

If I can't click on the name (privacy settings so high), I reject it.
If the page has no evidence of parenthood or unschooling, I reject it.
If the page is stridently political or vehemently religious or negative or mean, I reject it.
If the page has no photos, but just borrowed new-age images of fantasy women with glittery eyes and eagle feathers, I reject it faster than anything.

All those people are still able to read here, but they can't comment. Other reasons people have been rejected in the application phase, or removed later:

Blocked a moderator (if we can't all see what you're writing, it won't work)
Insulted moderators
Refusal to chill (if a moderator asks you not to post for a while, then stop or I'll stop you)

Other reasons might be added as they occur.

from a post in January 2015:
Sometimes we reject someone who might have been fine, and daily we reject several people who are clearly spammers, or childless salespeople, or political cranks who like fury more than they want joy.

Don't try to add someone yourself.

Please do not add anyone to the group. Their membership will not be approved.
If someone wants to join they need to request it themselves.

—Alex Polikowsky, August 2015

Don't try to add someone else to the group; that will be rejected. If you think they might like it, send a link and let them decide to apply.

—Sandra Dodd, June 2015

The group is public

REMINDER: This is a public group. It shows on people's pages. Anyone can read this, even if they are not members.

Someone deleted her post (which deleted ALL the responses—a lot of other people's time and effort, gone). It's difficult to help people see the purpose of this group, but we do keep trying. The "about," the pinned post, the files.... but when people are here on a phone or iPad, it's not so easy to find those things. Even on a computer it's not all in one place, but there are links to this, where it IS in one place:

Intro to READ BEFORE POSTING using Clear English in the discussion Response to complaints