Clear English on Radical Unschooling Info

Sandra Dodd, group owner, March 2015:

Of my ten moderators, three are native speakers of another language (one French, two Portuguese). Of the remaining seven, one is Canadian, and two are Americans married to men of other nationalities. Six of the ten live or have in the past lived outside the U.S. (not a good measure, really, as so many of this group aren't American anyway, but I needed some starting-point from which to do these stats).

A suggestion that someone might have been accidentally rude for not being a native English speaker is therefor rejected. ONE post can be accidentally rude. Several sarcastic and defensive follow-ups are not an accident.

It is through no cruel intention on my part that I was born to American parents and speak English. Each of us just popped out one day not knowing where we were.

It is not for meanness that I'm maintaining a discussion group, and it's not for meanness that ten people help me officially and a couple of dozen more participate closely to share their years of experience.

There are discussions in other languages in various places, of these kinds of ideas. Maybe they're not as good as this one. If such is true, then someone coming here should be grateful and courteous.

For people still learning more English, this is as good a place as you might find, I think, for trying to write clearly, and for analyzing what is written. Other places are packed with unoriginal phrases and sloppy fluff. Here, we have good reasons to try to be as plain and as clear, as honest and understandable, as possible.—and as soon as possible, because there are children with needs *right now* whose parents DO want to find ideas for being better unschoolers.

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