Feedback from Sandra Dodd's group for 2011:

The question on the feedback forms was "Hotel okay?"

The hotel was great. Good location, decent beds, helpful staff. The layout of the conference area was also nice.

Yes! Staff was wonderful.

Loved it. Perfect room placement--close to Target, Owl, etc. Clyde was very responsive to me and my needs before coming here. It has been just terrific.

Yes--excellent. Good facilities, nice breakfast. Thought our room and the setup for the conference was great.

Yes. I liked that it's locked so kids are safer. Night desk much nicer than morning desk person.

Yes. I was really pleased with the hotel room; conference room, breakfast, etc.

Yes. It was easy to get to and close to shopping and food options.

Yes. Room nice and quiet, nice that there were restaurant options in walking distance that were not fast food.

Yes, once the main room cooled down! Good space and conveniences.

Good, friendly

It was great.


Yes. Good value. Thank you.

Yes. Comfortable, and I really appreciated the affordability and the queen (not double) beds.

Nine people wrote "yes" and two wrote "sure."
One less enthusiastic person wrote "eh."

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