Request for Assistance 2017

The numbers are Very Cool this year:

Numbers like those will not converge again.

I will ask until early September, and then take this page down.
I will not ask for donations again until 2020 (if I'm around).

My online work should continue to be freely available to anyone who wants it, for as long as possible, but only those who can comfortably do so should help support it.


—Those whose lives are richer and more peaceful than they would have been without my work.

—Those who wrote asking me for personal coaching, and I said "I don't do one-on-one help, sorry," but then I helped anyway. Or if the links on that webpage helped.

—Those who could have afforded a curriculum every year, but found from something I wrote or said in person that they could live and learn well without such things.

—Those who read The Big Book of Unschooling a second time and thought, "All of this inspiration is worth more than I paid."

—Those who think maybe they would've spent big money on counselling or therapy or a divorce without things I wrote or said.


—Those who have no money to spare. Do not feel one bit bad about using your money for your children!

—Those with a child who wants a toy the family can't afford yet. Save money for that toy! There's learning in there, and joy.

—Those who don't want to help, for whatever reason. Don't write and tell me why, because it might hurt my feelings. Be true to your own beliefs, and have a nice day.

A quote:
In 1997 I started reading. I read lots of folks and I don't remember when I first read Sandra's writings but I do remember what I felt when I first read them. Hopeful, inspired, hungry. I looked for things she'd written because everything spoke to me, everything, and I had already read John Holt but here was a mom, talking plainly about her family, talking lovingly about her kids, admitting openly her mistakes. This was so powerful to me because although I think we were *natural* unschoolers, I had something more to ponder at night as I lay awake wondering "why did I say that today" or "why didn't I say this." I had ideas about being better tomorrow and better the next day and a better parent to my son.
. . . .

She has this big idea that the lives of children can be joyous and hopeful and that's a remarkable thing. That it extends beyond her own children and reaches out to all of ours, just like that, just that easily if we care to listen is real, true unschooling help.

The person who wrote that has stuck around for those 20 years and helped, too.
If you're curious about who it is, go search on this page.
Read another couple of notes while you're in there.


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Checks in U.S. dollars can be sent to:
Sandra Dodd
2905 Tahiti Ct. NE
Albuquerque NM 87112

Click through to a happy, silly thank-you made in India a few years ago: Thank you for supporting