THANK YOU for 2015 Assistance

The 2015 request for assistance was successful and fun!

If you donated but didn't get the right thank-you page, I'm sorry about that glitch. Here's the thank-you you should have gone to after PayPal.

The 2015 expenses were covered, and I was able to buy some Christmas gifts. THANKS!

Thirty-two people sent photos, so Just Add Light has some new art.

Photos and donations came from 15 different countries (New Zealand, Australia, India, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada (three provinces and a territory) and the U.S. (24 states).

I appreciate the encouragement and assistance.

For anyone who missed it and really wanted to contribute, there's a form at the bottom of, the main page. Or you could wait until November 2016 (or 2017; I don't ask every year).

I hope 2016 has many joys and builds happy memories
for your families' futures!