Worms and Bins and Compost and Connections

I wrote:
I'm glad I can get excited about worms and dirt. It makes life better for me.
Ria wrote:
I like those sentences.

I was reading last night and came across an interesting-looking inn which has worm bins...and thought someone here might be interested, since we've been talking about worms.
The information about their worms is the next-to-bottom one.

I thought it was cool that I came across it *just now* when they've just been mentioned. Last week when baroque music was mentioned, I actually came across "baroque" three times, other places, and as I just typed this, heard it again. : )


This turned out to be too deep. I changed it out once and things seemed fine, but the second time it was stinky and the worms at the top seemed frenzied (for worms) and the ones in the bottom were listless. I put them in a wider box, but now I need to find something shallow, as noted here:

The box or container should be shallow, not more than 1 1/2’ deep. Redworms tend to feed in the top layers of bedding. Materials may pack down if spread too deep.

Huh. I didn't read that before! There are lots of worm-box sites out there.

Reading further down on the site linked above, I saw this: "Sometimes you find many worms at one spot in a feeding frenzy. Note what they like and don’t like." AH! I was right! It was watermelon they were so excited about.

Here are the promised images of my first worm bin. I'll know more later, but I promised to document. I still don't have the worms, as of Thursday night 2/28, but maybe tomorrow. Holly and Keith are all briefed on what to do with them when they arrive.